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"I had headaches daily for nine years and was taking ever-increasing amounts of medication prior to discovering chiropractic. Through regular adjustments, my headaches went away. I am very thankful for chiropractic and the miracles it is able to produce. "

Amy T.

"I have never experienced a program that gets more consistent and amazing results than this."

Kathy F,

"Hi, there! I just wanted to repeat what I said in the office the other day: While I can't live without any of the adjustments I get twice a month, if I had to choose the one which has the greatest impact on my quality of life, it would be the stress-reducing effects of the TMJ adjustment. It's not a lot of fun during the adjustment, but afterward, there's a night-and-day difference in the comfort of my jaw and my face muscles.
Thanks again for taking really good care of me :)"


"Cambridge Chiropractic employs natural methods of healing for which I am very grateful. The staff is very warm, friendly, and caring. I was in extreme pain from a pinched nerve and was told that it would probably take 4-6 months for healing (or longer!) In less than 4 weeks, with treatments from Dr. Foxworthy, I was pain-free and mobile. Thank you, thank you, Dr. Foxworthy. I am very grateful!"


"Dr. Petrice is a wonderful person. She did a thorough examination of my back after I fell. Not only did she check my back/neck, but Dr. Petrice also wanted to know about my overall health and well being, and my lifestyle in general. Her office atmosphere was very relaxed and peaceful and I was completely comfortable with Dr. Petrice. I walked away feeling content with my visit, and with my back! I definitely recommend Cambridge Chiropractic."


"I have been going to Cambridge Chiropractic for many years. Always friendly staff and Dr. Petrice Foxworhty is excellent in how she cares for each of her patients!"


"This is why I LOVE Chiropractic! About 1 year ago, I was suffering from 2 to 3 migraine headaches a week. In desperation, I came into the office and became a patient of Dr. Petrice's. Gradually I began having fewer migraines. After 1 year of care, I now get maybe one migraine/month and am confident that it will pass quickly if I get an adjustment. Through this past year, I have been on a journey towards a better life through better natural health. With Dr. Petrice as my wellness coach, I know that my quality of life can only improve!"


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